Quake III Arena Multiplayer



Is there really no way to play Quake III Arena multiplayer if i have a copied version of the game? I´ve tried alot of keygenerators etc etc nothing works…
Please help me!



The requirement is a valid key.
And anyone who actually owns the game would be an idiot to give theirs away.


Damned it, and a keygen can make a valid key, but not a VALID key or what?



A ‘keygen’ may make a valid key that allows you run the game but it does not give a key that the online game servers regard as valid.


Well, the first time i started Quake 3 at home, the shit about keygen came up, but i didn´t type and serial, i just pressed continue



So you just didn’t type in any CD key number and you can play on the Internet ?

Are you using an official CD / cracked copy / ripped download version / … ?

I could also use a way to bypass the CD Key security, but so far no luck…


yes its possiblie to press continue and play the game (instalation), The problem with generated cd keys is that u cannot connect to the ID softwares arena server and play the game cause ID soft, has almost the same login engine (its bought from valve and been modified a bit) like Valve (half-life). Works like this that every single copy off q 3 arena serial # is logged on their server and its (almost) impossiblie to get theese keys. the simplest thing is to buy the game AND support ID software. (i hope this did make any sense, cause my english aint the best)

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