Quake 4 installation problem


I have just purchased Quake 4 and my dvd drive is not reading the disk at all
I have the following drive - ATAPI DVD DH18A1P dvd player

My system Intel Core2Duo E6600 Dual Core CPU, GIGABYTE GA-965P Motherboard, 2x 1GB KINGSTON PC5300 667Mhz DDR2 RAM, 400 GB HDD SATA2 HDD, 18x DVD +/- RW Optical Drive, PCI X 8800GTS 320MB Graphics

Someone has said it may be something to do with copy protection

My quake 4 is an original dvd disk

Any help please

Is it reading other disks normally? If it is, I would exchange it for another copy. Copy protection will not cause it to be unable to read the disc. Sounds like you just got a bad original.

All other DVD and Cd’s work fine in the drive

I had also had same problem with a friends version of quake 4. I then purchased my own, in case there was some sort of copy right etc; esp as it is a liteon/sony drive - over protective!!

There is a warning on the back of the quake 4 box t#saying that there may be a compatibility issue with some chipsets, but it does support nvidea7 series. Although I wonder if the series 8 ie 8800gts has some issues

I am going to try the DVD disk in another machine tomorrow to see what happens

Any suggestions

It could be a damaged disc. If also on a different drive you are not able to read the disc, then you should ask for a substitution or a refund :slight_smile:

– nevermind… wrong post –

Managed to get Quake 4 working on my office computer, so it is not the disk

The computer company, Abrico, have offered to swap the DVD drive for another Make, so I may try this and see what happens

It is strange though, that I can play other DVD movies through the drive!!

Anyone got any suggestions

Are you running Vista on your computer? There seems to be a lot of programs that are not compatable with Vista. Just a thought. :confused:

do you have any virtual drives? my bf2142 dvd did the same thing until I removed my ultraISO virtual drive – now it works fine! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue but with Micrsoft Office Enterprise DVD-ROM.

I have exactly the same drive so any assistance is welcomed.