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I tried playing Q3 with a Diamond monster 3D II (12MB) but it doesn’t look very good and it’s very slow. I know this is a pretty old card but this is ridicilous. I downloaded the newest drivers from diamond and even reinstalled windows. None of that worked.
Anyone got the same problems? Or a solution?



Not ridicilous,

Even on a V3000 overclocked Quake doesn’t run smooth… Especially in Mplayer. I now run Quake on the new GForce card and it rocks!! Quake has always run better on a TNT chipset

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Don’t you know 3dfx sucks. For there Voodoo 6000 with 128 MB SDRAM they are going to ask 600 $ and the new geforce with 64 MB DDR RAM wil cost around 300 $ and is even faster than this card. Than you’ll know what i mean. They’ll never beat NVIDIA.


3dfx r0x


I know the problem…
Personal I’ve got a Creative VoodooII (12meg)
and indeed… it used to suck playing q3 with this antic card…

But… nowadays it runs perfectly, cause I downloaded Q3TotalControl… (http://www.planetquake.com)
In this tool you’ve got some handy options, to make q3 less graphical than you first could! Before installing this tool I used to have about 20 fps (AMD K6-3 3D-NOW! , 64 meg)
but now I’m playing it with an average of about 50 fps…

Not bad I’d say…
At least you could try it…



Thanx VaMpIrE, I’ll try that. That’s feedback I was looking for!






Ofcourse the Voodoo6 is going to cost a lot of money, it isn’t meant for gamers like you and me, it’s meant for workstations, you don’t complain about Intel’s Xeon pricing do you? And by the way, I agree with the Duke, 3DFX rules. Their Voodoo2 is still a decent card after all those years, just overclock it a little (mine used to do 110Mhz). A Voodoo3 2000 PCI is also a good investment. Since the Voodoo3 doesn’t use AGP texturing, what’s the use of buying an AGP version? You save a PCI slot, but this one is much cheaper, and with some decent cooling it does +170Mhz. Quake 3 runs fine on mine, K6-2 300 and 64Mb SDRAM. Don’t put your money in a Geforce, it’s technology won’t be used in the next six months and after thet period it’s technology will be replaced by faster, newer chips. I’d wait for the Voodoo5 5500.


Voodoo 2 and 3 don’t support 32bit so they suck…

GeForce rulez…


But if you don’t want to use 32 bit, and get high frames, than is the voodoo 3 good
But if you want 32 bit, you better go for a geforce.


Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it…
When you’re REALLY playing Quake, then you have no time to look at the fancy 32-bit textures, you’d die staring at them.


I’ve got an V3 2000 PCI with an AMD K6-2 400 / 64 MB and I can’t remember that I really complained about it! Ok ok, it does run at 190 mhz!!! (only when I play games ofcourse!)



Can’t complain about my new GeForce…
Quake2 (openGL) runs at 1600×1200 at 179 fps
and quake3 (32bit, graphics as high as possible) at 102 fps…

You won’t get those results with an Voodoo2 or Voodoo3… Riva TNT2 will come close to a GeForce but won’t beat it!..


I just can’t understand how you can spend so much more for a such a little difference (you can buy a TNT2 Ultra for half the price of a Geforce). Actually the only part of a PC worth a big investment is the monitor. It won’t loose it’s value so quickly as all the other parts. I remember that I paid my Voodoo2 only 1/4 of the price my friend paid, less then one year later. I thought gamers where completely against wasting money and that this was the reason overclocking became so popular?
By the way, Wookie, how did you get it at 190? Mine locks up at 183, but I have a very small case. I screwed an old CPU cooler on the Voodoo3’s heatsink though.



Since I “backup” cds I can affort buying such cards…



heh, true…
However, it’s still too expensive, even if you don’t pay for your games. But if money isn’t important, the Geforce DDR really IS the best, that’s true. Only a bit overpriced.
But hey, have lot’s of fun with it. :slight_smile:
Maybe we’d better close this discussion…