Quake 3 arenas gtk radiant



hi all
ive been using quakes editor gtk radiant for some time now but there are a few things that i have not bothered to learn but now i am stuck. This may be a silly question for some of you but how the hell do i make a door? any door arch, normal door and self opening doors i have used all the tools but there are none to make doors. So if any one knows how to do this could you please let me know how.

I have no problems making them using GMAX with the tempest install but radiant has got me stuffed:a please help me ive been trying for 2 weeks




thanks dude i dont know why i have not found this before. thank you


where can i download the map when its done ? :slight_smile:


thats also something i have to do ,get a website up but it will be a couple of weeks before its done. im trying to do a few things that im sure have not been put into a quake map before. so far it seems to be going well eg: fast frame rates and good looking. the only thing that is getting to me is the progressively slower compile times, i’ve only just started and it takes nearly 5 minutes to compile hate to think how long it will take when im done :slight_smile: