Quaility at 0%..after removing problem?

im a trying to back up malcom x disc 2, disc 1 worked fine, but when i try disc 2 i get an error on the specail features saying:

“Unexpected error please be sure that all input files are available and that they represent a properly masterd DVD. If the error persists, please send an error description to bugs@elby.ch. (IOBuffer 0 1109213184)”

i see this when i attempt to preview the fifth title which i am sure is a specail feature which i dont need, so i uncheck it and then the video quaility goes to zero and stays there, should i burn anyways? what should i do? i am alos new to this fourm and dvdclone so if you could keep a little simple that would be appreciated

i just tried to back up and it didnt work…

Are you using AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD?

yes i am, and i bought them both

Try ripping the entire disc to HDD first using DVDFab HD Decrypter and then import the resulting files into CloneDVD.

i downloaded dvdfad platnum and backed up the dvd using just that program it worked just fine…thanx for your help

You are very welcome…happy burning.