Quad DVD Cases needed

What are the best Quad DVD cases around? I’ve got a 25pk of the ones that Supermedia used to sell. The ones where you stored 2 discs per side, 1 pressed up on top of the bottom. I never liked that style because the top disc dye touches the bottom disc label side, and you have to press hard to get it to clamp. They don’t have it on their site anymore, probably because it sucks.

Came across this link. Wondering if anyone has tried this or can suggest something good. And what is the difference between Soft Hub and M-Hub other than price?

I’m not sure thare are any 4 disc DVD cases being made these days. Rima has 4 disc jewel cases, and 2 disc DVD cases.


I don’t know how good they are but they are still around, not too cheap either:


These are much more expensive but look sturdy (Like the ones you found):


I have tried most of them all seem to have contact or they squeeze the disc’s together. I have went to slim doubles. A paper jacket will fit nice between these for three disc’s.

The first link are the ones I have. Don’t like`em. Guess I’ll go for the swinging quads.

I like this 7-in-1 box: