Quad Core - Ripping with All Cores in IMToo Ultimate 5

I am using Windows 7 x64 with a AMD X4 955 Quad and 8Gb Ram, and is trying to rip a DVD to HDD using IMToo Ultimate 5. It rips ok, at approximately 45fps, but it is only using one core, with my average CPU utilisation at approximately 25%. I have looked at the settings in IMToo Ultimate, and it is set to use all cores, but refuse to do so.

Am I doing something wrong, or how do I get this to utilise all cores? I have tried the latest version of Badaboom on my NVidia GTX260 , which works fine at 200fps, but unfortunately keeps on crashing!! Any other software that will use all cores?

Thanks for any help

Thebigfatgeek, I am having the exact same issue. Win 7 64bit is not using all 4 of my cores when running IMToo Ult 5 with the option set to use all cores . Did you ever figure this out?

Maybe I am mistaken or have probably misunderstood; but if all you want to do is to rip the DVD contents onto the HDD, then using all the cores should not be of big concern as the CPU utilization during ripping is/should be very low.

If you are talking about the actual conversion process, then that’s totally different.

Thank you for responding Hemispasm however I am trying to convert from DVD to DIVX or XVID not just a strait RIP. I know a coworker who recommended IMToo to me said all 4 of his cores are used, however he is running Vista x32. I am guessing it is some sort of compatibility with Windows 7 x64, I would be curious if others other than myself and thebigfatgeek are having the same issue.

BTW I don’t want to piss you off Hemi but I love pickles and my wife is a statistician at a university, lol.

BTW I don’t want to piss you off Hemi but I love pickles and my wife is a statistician at a university, lol.
Aaarghh… you are evil, I’ll keep an eye on you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I understand, it might as well be a compatibility issue as you say. You’ll have to wait for someone using w7 / 64bit to see if there is a pattern I am afraid.

Mailing their support might also prove helpful.

Thanks Hemi, I will ping their support to see if they have seen this issue. I will post whatever I find.


sorry for the late reply.
you can use the older version and have a try.

any questions you can email to support@imtoo.com to get further answers.Our staff will reply in just one business day.

Why would the older version work better to that aspect? Is this a confirmed problem in the newer version?

Yeah,it’s really a confirmed problem in the newer version. We are fixing the bugs and thanks for your continuously concern of ImTOO.