Quad CD Jewel Cases

I am looking to buy some quad cd jewel cases to use as replacements for some of the games i have bought because i have a few broken cases of this style.

I found 2 for $.99 at Meritline and i have found them on several other sites.

What sites do you suggest to order media and jewel cases from?

The shipping and handleing on these sites is really high. I dont guess there are any good ones with free or near free shipping huh lol.

Also, does anyone know of a good way or tool to remove scratches from CD media? I have several disks that have hairline scratches. They aren’t bad enough they effect the cd working but they are there and i would like a perfect looking cd if there is a way to fix them.

Best thing to do with scratched CD’s is copy them to CDR and put them away for safe keeping.

I don’t recommend Meritline due to poor service. Have thus far been very pleased with the service HERE

That place has even worse shipping and handleing charges :Z lol ( i love these icons).


Here’s a couple i’ll probalby end up ordering from. Compared to these others they’ve got better shipping and handleing and they both come highly recommended on other media forums.

I hope you realize that there is a correlation between low shipping charges and poor service. You get what you pay for sometimes. Allmediaoutlet is another one I refuse to do business with due to past experiences.

Well what about places like Newegg and the B&M’s that have free shipping. Just case the shipping is cheaper doesn’t mean its not as good of service.

What kind of problems did you have? Once the package is shipped from their warehouse its completely up to UPS or FedEx or whoever is providing the service as to how good of shipping and handleing you receive. The place you order from has nothing to do with that part. Or did you have some other sort of problems with them?

Things that I consider unacceptable in an online seller are getting the order wrong, making changes in the order without authorization, unexpected delays in shipping, unavailable customer support either by Email or phone or both. The 2 companies I mentioned above have been guilty of these things.
Low prices are great, but it has to arrive as ordered, when it was promised, or it’s not a good deal. And if you can’t contact anyone about a problem with an order, well that’s the worst IMHO.

just wanted to jump in to say that although i’ve never dealt with any of these companies, from what i’ve read, AMO and Meritline are both mediocre at best with their service. i’ve heard that Rima is supposed to be very good though (excellent reseller rating).

I heard that Ritek and Taiyo Yuden was about the best CD-R media out there.

Do any of you have any experience with printing directly onto the media with a inkjet printer? Does it turn out as good as what the original CD you bought looks like? What are some good inkjet printers for doing this.

I was looking at several Epson printers and was thinking about picking up one of those.

I take it that there aren’t any sites that have descent shipping and handleing costs for Quad and regular jewel cases and CD-R media huh.

It was like $20 shipping and handleing on a couple of those sites for a 100-pack of regular jewel cases and like 6 Quad jewel cases and the stuff i was buying only cost $20 itself.

You can’t blame the store for the cost of shipping, blame UPS.
Some stores may eat part of the shipping cost, but they just ad it back into prices, so you’re really not saving anything.
I highly recommend ACCA for speed and service. They don’t add any handling charges.

Well so far www.rima.com has had the best price/shipping ratio. The prices are exactly the same for what i want as ACCA and its only $15.27 shipping compared to $16.91 on ACCA.

I wish they would use FedEx Express Saver instead. This is stupid UPS chargeing as much to deliver a package as the package costs to buy especially since its a slow ass 5-7 day delivery and not overnight or anything like that.

Its $57.23 for second day air lol…

its only $15.27 shipping compared to $16.91 on ACCA.

Probably the difference in where they originate.
I agree that UPS sucks in many ways.