QT Files to VCD



Are there any tools (preferably share/freeware since I don’t have to do too many) to convert QT files to MPEG’s to make VCD’s? I have both Nero 5.5.x and EZ CD Creator Plat. 5.x and both require MPEG files to write VCD’s.

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You can use TMPGEnc to convert QT movies to MPEG-1 (VCD).



TMPGEnc can convert AVI files, but after D/L it and trying it out, it won’t directly convert a MOV file to an MPEG/VCD file.

Am I missing something?


OK, thanks Dizzy for the pointer to TMPGEnc. After doing a Yahoo search on “mov to mpeg” I read through a bunch of stuff and ended up finding a plugin that’ll let me do what I need to do.

Here it is: http://www.file-ext.com/files/qtreader.zip

Unzip that plugin into the same folder as TMPGEnc is in and you can open MOV files and convert to MPEG.

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That was the very plugin I was about to mention thats needed for TMPGenc. I’ve used it a number of times and has worked well although I dont think it can convert all QT mov formats. I’m sure its readme file explains it all.