Qsuite won't work!

Hi guys,

I have been off this forum for a while so I might have missed something.
I can’t get Qsuite to work with my Benq 1620 and my Philips 1648 when they are both connected on my computer??
It works with my philips but doesnot work with my BenQ (set command fail)???
When the benq was connected with my other drives (without the philips) it was working fine !!!
So what’s wrong?

Just keep clicking the Set command fail button about 7 times and it will work. Doesn’t transition from drive to drive very well. I heard a rumour that Benq is working on it.:slight_smile:

I think your drive must be set to MASTER (not slave) for Qsuite to work (I could be wrong).

Hi :slight_smile:
This occurs because the 1620 doesn’t support all features found in QSuite 2 & the 1648 does I believe. If you continually click on set command fail it will eventually except the 1620, showing only the features that it supports. There’re rumours that QSuite2 will have mods to aviod this, (just greying out unsupported features) along with fixes for QScan.
Sorry phone rang whilst composing this post, see crossg already answered you.
Setting master allows QSuite to see any BenQ/supported drive first. This prevents the s/w telling it only supports BenQ drives (not true as there is partial support for Plextor’s 740) However even with the 1620 set as master you’ll still get set command fail due to not all features support from 1620.

thanks guys crossq, it works like you said!!

SuperGoop, I never use my Benq as master because it is DMA2, and my Liteon(s) is DMA4. It has always worked like that.

Zebadee, none of them fully support Qsuite:

AFAIK, master/slave isn’t the real issue here, drive letter is. Qsuite scans/lists the drives by drive letter, not controller/position. It’s a pain, since I allways set the burners at x: and up.


Hi :slight_smile:
Wasn’t sure as not familar with the Philips drive.
Yes this is true, I was trying to do two things at once. Generally if a drive is set to master then its letter will come first. For example if using SATA hd & DVDRW is master on primary ide then QSuite will see it first, which is what I was saying. If you had say a DVD Rom on primary master & DVDRW as slave. DVD Rom is seen first. However using a pci controller card will often change this, or changing a drive without removing old one in device manager can mess up lettering. You can also through computer management > disk management change drive letters to suit. So even if BenQ is normally seen second or later, letter changing allows it to be seen first.

As I said, I allways set drive letters for burners around the X: area, no matter the physical connection. What you’re saying is of course correct, that unless you change it manually it’ll hand out drive letters based on connection. So the real problem is that Qsuite and Windows behave differently. Or rather, Qsuite should just ignore unsupported devices completely and select the first supported device it finds. It’s not that hard to implement.