Qsuite won't open now

I can’t get Qsuite 2.1 to open now. I did a windows update to my .net framwork and upgraded to WMP 10. Would the framework cause this problem? I get the little dialog box and I click okay but after that nothing happens.

Hi :slight_smile:
If you haven’t try uninstalling QSuite, then reinstalling.

Nope but a reboot fixed the problem. Guess I should’ve tried that before making a topic. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
We’re all here to learn. Maybe you’ve saved someone else from the same scenario.
I know I’ve had a few :doh: moments.

Hehe! Good ol’ Windows acting up. Nothing new about that huh? :bigsmile: :smiley: When in doubt, REBOOT :smiley:

I had this same problem and nearly had a stroke…no more QSuite???

I would start QSuite and you could see it come up in the task list. After the little warning screen, I would click OK and then about 5 seconds later QSuite.exe would disappear from the task list. I rebooted, uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted, tried again…no joy!

After about 2 days of troubleshooting here’s what I found out: With more than 6 virtual drives in Alcohol 120% (v1.9.5.3823), QSuite will not open. Works with 6 or less, doesn’t work with 7 or more. I also tried adding and subtracting real drives. I thought maybe it my be the total number of drives. No difference.

Had the same problem with QSuite. Thank you Icy Mt. :bow: now everything is clear. 4 Daemon Tools and 7 Alcohol Drives are to much for QSuite. But now it works. :smiley:
But i can’t get the blank-disc-scan-function in QSuite working. The prog shut’s down without a error message and I’m on my desktop again!? :confused: Any solutions?

I thought there might be more than a few people trying to run QSuite and Alcohol at the same time! As for the blank disc scan…I’m clueless.

Hi :slight_smile:
If your referring to QScan. An option would be QScan version 1: A bit dated with a slightly different approach. For what it’s worth, if using WOPC even on it’s own let alone SB/OS. QScan results are almost meaningless. As the assessmet relates to disc surface quality, without any enhancements induced while writing. If the discs came from a reliable source QScan should be telling you what you already know.

Hi zebadee.
You are right. QScan is a little bit meaningless. But I wonder, why it doen’t work in QSuite - and the BenqSuite is shutting down, without a error message!? :confused:
But it doesn’t matter, till all other functions are working (SB, OS, WOPC, etc.).
Maybe some other prog on my machine isn’t compatible with my QSuite - or it isn’t programmed very good!? :confused:

JMO, but I have found QScan to be usefull as a quick method for sorting thru media from the same batch. I have found irregularities where QScan will say one disk is appropriate for burning at a given speed, and the next one won’t be. A comparison of scans of these disks, have shown me poorer quality on the disks that weren’t recommended by QScan.
The scans show higher errors in the area of the disk where QScan shown a rise above the TE/FE criteria lines on it’s graph.

Hi :slight_smile:
@ sockeye, QScan will as you say in most cases show if there’s a noticable variation in a batch. I’ve had MCC 004/MCC 03RG20 that QSuite claimed was unsuitable for burning even @ 8x. However around 95% burned successfully @ 16x with the remainder burning @12x(as a result of SB restricting speed).
Philips set SB enabled for all media by default, BenQ despite having SB disabled for known media. Also recommend SB be enabled for all media. The argument goes along the lines that even with quality media you do get variations from one disc to another. By having SB enabled the end result of a burn is kept within ‘acceptable limits’ & the end result is consistancy of quality burns. If you have SB &/or WOPC enabled then QScan is irrelevant. Why? Because QScan is trying to predict how a certain disc may cope being written without any enhancements. It works from the premiss that the original strategy will be used (not the case usually when SB is enabled). Even WOPC to a lesser extent plays around with how the writerreacts to the disc. The irony of SB/WOPC combination is that with some media, WOPC off actually gives an improvement overall.
So QScan has a place, but is not the be all of disc quality assessing. As such should be seen as a rough(very rough) guide only.

Thankyou for clearing that up zebadee. I thought that QScan took into account somehow, the settings in QSuite, such as SB on or off.
After your explanation, I can see that there isn’t a need to sort thru the media as long as I have SB, and possibly WOPC enabled. :doh: