Qsuite + Solidburn

I already burned about 5 discs of 1 brand from 1 spindle, yet Qsuite says Learned Discs 0 on top. 1 of the 6 slots does list the media though

Hi :slight_smile:
This is a known conflict for some & is probably down to some s/w or pc configuration. If QSuite is listing the media then SB is learning. Although it’s a pain that the quantity of different media looks like it won’t register. For some a change of f/w has rectified this.

So this is a known problem, and very likely NOT a physical defect with the burner?

I already flashed to newest firmware but same thing :frowning:

Another question, would reinstalling Qsuite destroy whatever was learned by the Benq?

Hi :slight_smile:
Uninstalling & reinstalling QSuite will have no affect on learned memory. QSuite is just a user interface to allow you access to the drives features + info ie media currently in drive/learned media table etc.

Do you have an NForce motherboard/non-Microsoft IDE Driver max_clif?

I know it’s an unrelated problem but I have a LiteOn drive, and a LiteOn supplied utility could not detect the drive with Nvidia chipset drivers (Smartburn utility). I changed to the standard MS IDE drivers and all was well! :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Worthy point. Kim Jong. :clap:

nforce 2, using MS IDE driver. I’ve just tried it again on a different partition, again using MS ide driver but still says “0”

Thanks for the responses BTW :smiley: