QSuite Not Learning Media

I have both 1650 (BCFC) and a 1640 (BSRB) and QSuite 2.1 on my desktop.
QSuite is set to default settings. After about 4-5 burns, the 1650 records the media as learned. The 1640 has never learned any media. I have changed its firmware numerous times. I have uninstalled QSuite, reflashed, then re-installed QSuite to no avail. I have used TY MIJ + and - media, Ritek media, and Maxell MIJ and Verb MCC04 media for numerous burns, but still the 1640 will not learn the media, while the 1650 does. Am I missing something???

Don’t know, but[I] myself I am[/I] missing something, as you mention “QSuite is set to default settings”, which means SolidBurn is [I]not [/I]activated for known media… so which esoteric (or very new) MIDs are you burning, forcing SolidBurn to activate?

Also “After about 4-5 burns, the 1650 records the media as learned” is not normal Solidburn operation. Normal Solidburn operation is: the MID appears in the list [I]right after the very first burn[/I].

Something’s totally off, either in the way your Qsuite works, either in the way you report your issue… :confused:

I guess my “newbie-ness” is showing, so you saying that QSuite will only learn supported media if soldburn is activated for supported media and it will only learn non-supported media if the default for nonsupported block activated.

You are right, I am missing something, because I thought if you left everything on default it would still learn media. I guess in my “experimenting” around I must have activated the supported media block which would explain why the 1650 would learn media. Gee, do I feel dumb…

Thanks for letting me know what probably everybody else knew.

Not everyone. That’s why people come here to ask questions :wink:

Thanks for the kind words. I just burned a disc with my 1640 with a known supported disk with solidburn activated for known media and it did record in the list of learned media in QSuite. I guess it is never too late to teach old dogs new tricks…

Here’s a followup question. I just activated solid burn for supported media and the first burn I got was much worse than when it was not activated. With solidburn activated will it get better with more burns or will it stay the same since it is “learned media”.???

It will “change” with more burns – it doesn’t necessarily have to get better (although that’s the ideal). That depends a lot on the consistency of the media disc to disc and if you are burning all the same batch at a time. If the discs are of inconsistent quality or from different packs, solidburn often doesn’t work very well. If you find it doesn’t get better after 4 or 5 burns, you can “clean the eeprom” with Qsuite and try again.

Hi :slight_smile:
@kernal. It may help you (& others ) to take a [B]look here[/B]:
Find out a bit more in regards to QSuite & the list of goodies. :wink:

Thanks to all the responders above. Zebadee, that is a great tutorial. I believe I will call it, “Everything I Needed to Know About QSuite, But Was Too Dumb To Ask?”

You are all Great!!!

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I’m sure I speak for all when I say your welcome. :iagree: :wink:

Don’t. :slight_smile:

On a related note, don’t assume that SolidBurn will automatically improve your burns, for example in nearly every case my 1640 burns just as well or better with its default write strategies, leaving SB off. My 1655 seemed to show some improvement in a couple of tests but my comparisons in that drive are much more limited. In any case, I’ve found that my 1640 w/BSLB to perform very well with SB off with all kinds of media codes, although I do naturally turn it on when I want to overspeed media.

SolidBurn (SB) for supported discs is turned on/activated automatically when you enable OverSpeed (OS).

Agree otherwise with you in general; on good media SB is not needed.

I third that :slight_smile:

SB is great for overspeeding with satisfying quality (assuming the media is good enough), and sometimes for burning problematic media (because there are more recalibration points when SB is on), but with most of my media I get better burns with the standard strategies.

Only exception for me: CMCMAG E01 / 1650 with any other f/w than BCDC, WOPC doesn’t work properly unless SB is turned on. With BCDC everything is fine (you already know that [B]pinto2[/B] ;)).

Yes, that’s why I said that, naturally, it is turned on with overspeeding.

Are you suggesting I flash from the latest firmware BSRB to BSLB and leave defaults on for the best results with my 1640??

That’s how I have my 1640 set up, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: BSLB seems to be the most popular firmware for the 1640, there are some quirks with later firmware versions although leaving it at BSRB wouldn’t be a big deal.

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t had my 1640 for very long (less than 1 month), so I will keep it at BSRB for a little while longer with SB on and gather some data and later switch over to BSLB with SB off and compare…Thanks…

I’d just turn off SB for known media, regardless of BSRB or BSLB. Or if you really want to compare SB on vs. off, burn several discs with SB on to give SB a chance to learn the media, then compare a couple of SB burns with the SB off burns (perform quality scans in Nero CD-DVD Speed to do this). In my comparisons with a number of different media codes, the results would either be so similar that it made no difference, and in a couple of instances the performance was worse with SB on.

Ultimately you should do your own comparisons, but as the saying goes that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it - Benq’s built-in write strategies are typically very well optimized to the media already.

Well I’ve had SB off (everything on defaults) for the last month. I just switched SB on for supported media. I will see how that goes. Later I may switch to BSLB and see how that compares to BSRB. Like you said, may not be much difference…Again, thanks for your insight…