QSuite Help

I just installed an OEM version of the 1640. I have updated the firmware and have downloaded and installed QSuite. When I execute QSuite the first thing that I get is a splash screen that says:

Qsuite is limited to selectve BenQ DVDRW drives…etc…etc.
I click on OK and get another pop-up box that says
Sorry Qsuite is exclusive for BenQ drives. For product information please visit
BenQ…URL. Now when I click ok there Qsuite finally opens. The first drive to show up in the drop down menu is my Sony 320E. Then I can drop down and chosse the 1640 and that opens the utility tabs.
I quess I am wondering if this is typical behavior for the Qsuite to be such a hassel to use?

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Now seriously, this happens all the time to me and always will when you have other drives in the chain ahead of BenQ. Nothing to worry about whatsoever.

It is a know issue. You must change your drive letter to lowest, in such way the first drive that QSuite see is your benq.

If your sony is, for example, D: and your benq is E: then qsuite see first sony drive, and give you that error.

Changing drive letters should solve your problem

After clicking OK twice, just select the 1640 from the drop-down drive selection box that appears in the empty Q-Suite main dialogue. It will then fill in with the available Q-Suite functions.

Thanx guys for your input. I changed drive letters and it did get rid of the dialog box. The warning still shows up upon executing Qsuite. From what I have gathered so far, the warning screen will always be there.

you’re welcome

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