Qsuite Download


Only work with firmware B7U9.

Please remind that the .zip extension must be renamed to .exe!

The good guy MacClipper who provide the link for us:

Thanks wild :), cool, something new to play with…

Always something to play with. Nice to get it earlier than I was expecting.


Quikee2 is also hosting this nice tool, originally provided by MacClipper.

UnRAR and install. :wink:

you guys are bad…:bigsmile: you need to buy a 1625 to be able to unlock this tool

Really ? This is what the help says:

[b]Supported Models /  FW Version[/b]
DW1620 Pro: Firmware version B7U9 and after
DW1625: BBAA and after
DW1640: BSAA and after

I tried but qscan dun work for me.

Well, I’m waiting for this “DW1640: BSAA and after”. :iagree:

[B]Just a FYI for all you folks on QSuite…

I have a BenQ 1620 installed in an external case running B7U9…

USB2 = All functions within QSuite’s works correctly.
1394a = QScan DOES NOT work, all other functions A-OK.[/B]

Good info. Should be added to FAQ’s when it gets finished :wink: CodeKing’s on vacation.

me too that is why I think offically not posted on their web yet.

I don’t understand something:

tried an CMC MAG01 with it at 8X. When the qscan test was done it said “not recommended under this speed”
I trid the same disc at 4X and it said, “this disc is OK under this speed” ???
Some thing wrong there !!
I think it was suppose to say “Not recommended above this speed” when I tried it at 8X ?

bichonn, When Qscan said “not recommended under this speed”, the use of the word “under” is correct (they really mean “under this speed setting” or “at this speed setting”). This implies that the disk is not suitable for 8X or higher.

so “under” means faster in that case.

It means at the selected speed or faster…

Ok, not that evident when I translate in my own language !

I think, grammatically, “under” means only “at the selected speed” in this case.

But… of course if a disc isn’t recommended “at” 12x, then it’s hard to imagine that Qscan recommends 16x burn. (Has anyone observed such a case?)

so “under” doesnot mean “bellow” but “at” in that case ?!


Be nice if you could use it with P9 and up. Nice time for 12x