QSuite 2.1

Hi all,
I am a bit puzzled about why there is no learn-disk(solid burn) for unknown RW(+/-) media. Unknown write once media is learnt as expected.

Same problem with QScan - not available for RW media.

I have the latest bios flashed and all burns perfectly except those two problems in QSuite 2.1


it has nothing to do with qsuite2.1 it has to do with benQ fw, solidburn does not work for RW media only +R -R and I think DL

so it is a firmware bug or intended?
Maybe I hear from their support some explanatory words?

I dont think its bug i think they meant it to work that way

Simply because with +/-RW discs we are dealing with -phase-change technology- and any “learning” or SB would be pointless. :slight_smile:

So are you saying that all RW media uses the same write strategy? Please explain.

RW has very specific writing strat’s. If you vary slightly from them you can end up with a coaster.

I doubt you will ever see a self learning feature for RW discs as its just to comlex to impliment without risking data loss.

OK, guys thanks!
Benq could be somewhat more explanatory about this in QSuite - not just disable it without comments.

How about QScan - why is it disabled on RW media?
No overspeed test possible on RW?

you cant overspeed RW media , it trashs the burns.

Just found out - any unknown CD media are not learnt either.
I really don’t care as long as the burn scans are great - however, QSuite is just confusing in this regards.

My Liteon 1213@1653 looks like cheap sh*t compared to the Benq 1640 scans.

How about spending some time reading QSuite 2.1 user manual:wink:

Nope, can’t see I wrote that, did I? :slight_smile:

Hmm, maybe I missed the section where it was explained?

Hi Folks,
I have BenQ DW-1640, with BSMB and QSuite 2.1. My QSuite was working fine till yesterday, now suddenly the DVD Blanks that I could run QScan on, I can no longer run QScan on them. The program says “Media Not Supported”. I un-installed my QSuite and Re-installed it and I still have the same problem.
Q1: Can anyone tell me what is the problem?
Q2: Has anyone sent a message to BenQ with this problem?

gonwk a newer firmware (BSNB) is out, go get it.

Thanks Kadgar …
Q1: Has anyone loaded the new BSNB Firmware? And is it Safe?
Q2: Is this a BenQ released firmware update?

Yep, loaded it and find a quality scan with Nero takes even longer than b4!
It starts with 2.5x speed and by the end of the DVD it reached about 4x speed.
WTH does it take so long to get up to the normal speed?

My old Liteon is faster…

Does this happen all the time? Are you sure the speed is set to 8x ? Because on some firmwares on my K8N motherboard I get the scan like yours - going to a max of 4x once in 10 scans …

I could have been clearer - I was talking about my Sony DVD+RW media which is (set to) 4x! However, same for other media - I always see a (painful) slow speed increase (to nominal speed) in Nero’s quality scan.

My Sony 8x DVD+R starts a quality scan with 3.5x - at the DVD’s end it is 8x !

I would assume if you have a maybe 8x media the read speed should start at 8x and not reach it by end of the DVD scan. :doh:

Nah - sorry - that’s how benq’s work - they scan at CAV not CLV! So they start off slow -and end off at the speed set in the box.

You should scan all discs at 8x for consistency.

Oright, but it’s still a bit of a ridiculous situation starting at half the speed?! Technology can better than that for sure.

Speaking of +RW I found that 6x is max u can do - any higher and the scan quality suffers a fair bit.

have a great weekend