QSuite 2.1

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Get it here

Yee haa… something new to play with… thanks zebadee :slight_smile:

Check this out:

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I was about to post this f/w too. Still good news for tinkers.

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Sorry, wasn’t sure you’d noticed it yet. Added a credit to the firmwares first post. :wink:

Looks like I’ll be burning some -R on the BenQ rather than the LiteOn now… :slight_smile:

Looks like BenQ been speeding up things in QScan.
With earlier versions it took upto 5min’s for a quick scan, now only 13 seconds on my box… :confused:

Edit. Strange, when I try to use “Qscan-trick” creating a data disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed (v.4.07) nothing is burned. Hmm…

Media: MCC03RG20 (DVD-R)

thanks for the news! :iagree:

Thanks for the news: has anyone tried this with BEFB [ie the EW164B]?

This is good … the media support check means we dun have to look up the Mediacode in MCSE anymore to see if it’s supported!

Can you clear one learnt media at a time now?

Wait a moment… I have to correct myself. :stuck_out_tongue:
QScan is running “fast” even with QSuite2 when on BSMB firmware.
It’s the new firmware that carries the secrets…

Qsuite still crashes on my computer. :frowning:

They need some better programmers.

Hi zebadee: As you know I am using BEFB internally. What if any would be the benefits to change to BSMB, as I am very happy with the BEFB, somehow it gives me the ability not to have my buffer crap out at 12x anymore, with BEFB UDMA 4 I can write up to 15x with no problems.

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Sorry not to respond sooner, been tinkering & comparing. It’s early days yet, but BSMB does seem to be an improvement (albeit very slight & of course media dependent)
BSMB does mean that it’s less important whether you use + or - media.
It relates better than any previous f/w to QSuite 2.1 particularly QScan, however before anyone asks QSuite 2.1 QScan still doesn’t support BEFB.
In your case I would suggest sticking with your current choice until the w/e at least. Flashing to BSMB will clear your learned media memory. When things will be clearer. Of course if temtation gets the better of you & BSMB isn’t for you, then you can still return to BEFB. As I have the options the three drives are currently. 1 - BSMB 2 - BEFB.
Have a look at these scans.(Note in these scans SB activated for known media)

Thanks zebadee: I think I will stick with BEFB for the time being, maybe they will come out with a new external firmware that runs in UDMA 4. Where do you find the external firmwares on the BenQ site?

They fixed the issue I was having when launching qsuite. It wouldn’t launch if I had both of my benq’s installed. I would have to disable one or the other in device manager before launching. It’s fixed, yay! Thanks benq. Now I need to try BSMB.

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Take a look

No, unless I missed something…

my BenQ is the 3rd odd its on I: and my plextor is first ood with pioneer as my second, qsuite works but i get all error messages about it needing benq, as it does not look at benQ first. Is there way to force the qsuite to look at I: and startup.

KenW, QSuite looks at the first optical drive alphabetically regardless of the physical setup (primary/secondary, master/slave)…

you can fix the error message by making your BenQ the first ODD alphabetically in “Administrative Tools” > “Computer Management” > “Disk Management” (you have to shuffle around drive letters on your ODDs i.e. move whatever is alphabetically first to something like S: then back to what you want)…


Thanks I will try that, maybe set benQ as 1, and pio as 2 and plex as 3