Qsuite 2.1 and mkm 001

Burned about 10 mkm 001 DVD+r DL disc’s and was wondering why they don’t show up in learned media under the solid burn tab.My options are set up as “supported disc activated and un-known disc activated”…Are the DL disc’s not supported by solid burn ?..Another quick question I’ve been using Bslb for ages any thoughts on a better Fw for DVD+r DL disc particularly mkm 001 made in Singapore.

Thanks accat13

The learning function / solid burn function only works for single layer media, not double.

Also, IIRC, some people around here think that BSRB is the best at burning double layer media. Most suggest BSLB as the best all-around firmware, though.

Thanks for the quick response ,I kind of thought DL media was not supported but I couldn’t find a copy of the manual to confirm…I guess I will stick with bslb. Although my 1640 does seem like it is getting a little tired lately, the burns are getting a little inconsistent :sad: .