QSI SDW-041 Packard Bell HELL!


i have a packard bell laptop and i am trying to copy a dvd. I am using a good dvd+r cd (SONY to be exact) and have checked for any firmwire updates but there are none!!! When i put my dvd i want to copy into the drive DVD Decryptor says “Device Error: Medium not present”

Someone on the forums sugested to flash my firmwire, what the hell is that?

also, whats the difference between an OEM driver and the other sort of drivers. Will the other versions work on my drive.


Packard Bell made laptops? Modern enough ones to copy a DVD?

ohlz. well - that’s not a good dvd burner - all the QSI are not recommended much burning issues - both quality and compataibility.

Besides, my recommendation, do not upgrade your firmware because if it is still under warranty you can void it by flashing the burner with new firmware.

False. Manufacturer provided and supported firmware does not void warantees.

“Flash” is the same as saying “update”. But since you said there were no updates, that really doesn’t apply. If there’s nothing newer here, you may be out of luck, I couldn’t find any anywhere else. QSI does not seem to support their products very well, what can I say. I don’t know which model you have, but from all the QSI burners at VideoHelp, none of them seem to like Taiyo Yuden media :eek:, the only successes reported have been MAXELL 002 (some Maxell 8x DVD+R) and RITEKG04 (4x RiData DVD-R).

I hope that helps!

what I was saying is, yes, I agree with you, but i haven’t seen firmware for them other than from Nu-Tech websites of equivalent drives (EBW … etc) which should work the same - some OEM drives have special f/w ID’s not flashable with that though. Flashing with this would void the warranty.