QSI SDW-041 for notebook: Problem in burning DVD's


I’ve got a huge problem with my DVDRW drive burning DVD’s. It’s for a notebook (with a BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD 3A27, 11-06-2004)
and my drive is one QSI SDW-041, also called in Europe by NU-TECH SDW-041, but mine is as QSI (the specs are here:http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/index.php?i=spec_DVDRW_QSI_SDW-041&pi=platform_Titan_N)

Even thought the spec’s of the drive say’s that she can write DVD’s at 4x I can’t write any media in that velocity. After burning (always with Nero) it says that everything gone well but when I insert the writed media to be read the DVD is blank. So I just can write DVD’s at 2.4x.

But writing at 2.4x gives me problem’s too. After writing the media and nero says that the burning was sucessfull I put the disk to be read. Everything is inside of the dvd and I start to copy all things to the pc hard disk. In some cases (just in some) some files can´t be copied because a error does appear: “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”. I know this can happen in scracthed disks, but the disks I try are brand new.
Can it be any problem between the BIOS and the drive? (The system says “This device is working properly.”)

Well, some DVD’s I use doesn’t appear in the media support list… That’s because new DVD’s have apeeared in the market (those till 16X) and I can’t find those old ones. What I just wwant is something to solve the problem: firmware, programs, etc…

So anyone knows what´s the problem? It can be solved? Or I need to buy a new drive?

I’ve got this drive for 2 years, It’s the second one too, and it always have done this problem. I can´t find information
for this problem.

Thank’s for all

Generally, QSI burners have weak lasers, killed 4 in 4 months and never touched them since. Burn quality is atrocious right out … just like the LiteOns and Phillips slim drives that I’ve used. I’ll never burn on a slim unless I have to since it’s just utter waste. After all - using an external desktop burner or a desktop computer can make the same disc much better quality and last longer - i think that’s better value for money. Slim drives are expensive too … i don’t think it’s worth it.