QSI SBW241 CDRW/DVD burning problem, need help!

Alright peeps, this is educating-me time :slight_smile:

I have a combo drive in my HP Laptop which has started behaving funny. This whole issue started when I updated my firmware with the latest offered on HPs website. Then to counter the issue, it seemed that google gave me some relief by taking me to ETNA’s QSI firmware webpage. I re-flashed my combo drive with one of ETNA’s firmwares. It didn’t help either. Probably made it worse.

Then I contacted HP and they did some troubleshooting for me and gave me link to go to and install a file from. This file literally made my combo drive undetectable to softwares like Roxio and Nero. However Windows detects the drive but can’t burn using Windows own default burning software.

Right now I feel the best option would be to go back to the original firmware or if there is any other course of action that any of you can suggest, I am all ears. Buying another drive for my laptop is just not worth it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The following text should be pasted into a notepad text file and saved as , say, cdgone.reg .

The just execute it with Explorer and then reboot.







TimC … thanks for the coding. I did as you had advised but it didn’t make any notable change to the situation. Roxio still can’t detect the drive and Windows default burner doesn’t complete any projects. Is there any thing else I could try?

I am even afraid to install windows again (if need be) because I am afraid my system won’t detect the CD ROM. Are my fears baseless?

Any suggestion on how to re-flash my combo drive or how to return to the original firmware?