QSI SBW-242 not recognised till XP boots


I’m a newbie to this forum.

I have an ACER 660 laptop and I recently replaced the broken internal CDROM combo with an internal QSI SBW-242. The install went fine, but for some strange reason, XP Pro doesn’t recognise the drive until I eject the drive completely out of the drive bay and r- insert it. Only then does XP recognise the drive and allow me to use it.

Now I could make do with this nuisance, but the problem is impossible to bear when I want to rebuild the OS of my laptop using the manufacturers recovery CD’s. As you can guess, whenever I boot up my laptop the CDROM drive is never recognised. So, I can not use the recovery CD’s :frowning:

Any suggestions please?

many thanks

Just to be more specific about my need. I need to know how I can make my CDROM work under XP and under DOS, so that I can rebuild my laptop. Details are above…