QSI SBW-241 CD burning problem

Hey all,

I have an HP notebook, with a QSI DVD/CDRW drive. Originally it came with Samsung sn324 drive. It broke so I changed it with QSI SBW-241(which is the drive that the laptop is supposed to come with).

It was working OK for a year or so, and then it stopped writing CD’s. What it does is it pretends to be writing the CD, but at the end when I look at the CD it seems like the lens stopped at some point and went on recording on the same track all over again (there is a darker area halfway on the CD and the rest seems not recorded, although I am recording say 660 MB of data).

I knwo there are problems with that drive and certain media, but i feel that is not the problem. I have the latest firmware from the HP website (VH07).

Do you have any idea what the problem might be and is it fixable or I have to change the drive again:(((


Burn with verify. When the drive burns some areas at different sppeds, you will notice different colours…