QSI DVDRW SDW-042 Firware Needed

Been after firmware or driver updates for this model can’t find them anywhere.
Can anyone help please. By the way you can probally tell i’m a bit of a noob.

Many thanks if you can help!


This is the worst DVD writer I’ve ever seen. If you have luck and find anything about the firmware upgrade, please let me know.


I got one of these drives in a Gericom notebook. Not managed to find any firmware update even the qsi site says they don’t provide them.

As for finding compatible disks that too is a nightmare, not found any dvd-r that are compatible, not tried cd writing yet.

I think thats the trouble when you get an unknown (well it was to me) manu of a drive in your pc, you have trouble finding compatible disks and even updates for it. No doubt if it was a toshiba or sony or similar brand most of these problems wouldn’t exist or at least there would be plenty of webpages including manu ones to assist you. QSI seem to not be interested in the end user whatsoever.

Yes, QSI releases firmware only to OEMs like Acer, not to end users. IMHO that’s a bad policy. For this reason and others, I will think very carefully before buying this hardware again.

As for compatible media, there is a PDF document with the “certified” list.

Hi RG, Could you let me know where the certified list is please.

I am having a similar problem with the QSI SDW-082S dvd drive in my new Averatec notebook. Any ideas appreciated on where to find a firmware upgrade.

Managed to burn succesfully with 8x DVD-R RITEKG05 disks (RiDATA), burnt data and also backed up a british comedy series dvd. Both played on my main computer and also the dvd video on standalone DVD players.

So if your looking for disks these are good ones to go for. I believe these disks to be easily available worldwide, certainly fine in the UK.

Before I found these disks, nothing seemed to burn, DVD wise. Memorex CDR’s are the best CD’s I have found, burnt several with absolutely no problems.

Hopefully someone will come to our aid regarding firmware/certified list.


The attached file was on QSI’s European site (http://www.nu-europe.com)about two months ago. I checked right now but could not find it.

The site has some firmware updates too, but none of them are for the SDW-042.

sdw-042.pdf (18.6 KB)

Hi guys

Has anyone managed to burn a DVD that works on the QSI DVDRW SDM-042 drive thats in the Gericom laptop yet, if so what was it and where did you get them from as i havnt managed to burn sucsessfully yet and theres only so many coasters one can have around there house.
Is it such a $h!t drive that NU-europe dont even want to acknowledge its there !!! :Z
BTW the Gericom laptop was purchased from ALDI :a :a :a

Thanks in advance

I See that NU Has a firmware-update for a EDW-042.
It seems to me that it should be the same as QSI-042, but i don’t know for sure.

Mabye you can try that firmware update, but be carefull, it can mess ur drive.

But if someone hase done this, and it worked, please tell us all, i see these questions about those QSI drives and FirmWare updates.

There is a direct link to that firmware:

Hey Guys, Maybe i can be some help!

SONY DVD+R work excellent for me!

TDX and Verbatium CD+R work fine!


have firmware dx70
Using Nero and NTI burning softwares



Updates ALOT!! even cd-r compatability, won’t regconize the cd-rs that don’t work so thats a bonus


it says NU but it is QSI no worries it even says it in the toolbar at the bottom when you update make sure you restart!

Does this link REALLY wrk?? it was also sent 2 me by Acer Spain, but I get a hosting page… Anyone else???


The link seems broken. Besides, the history.txt file in D363 speaks only about models EDW-041, EDW-042, DDW-081, etc. but nothing about SDW-042. Probably is not wise to use it.


I had the QSI DVDRW SDW-042 on my acer too and I can’t write any dvd. in fact I don’t even have the possiblity to try to write DVD because, with NTI cd-dvd maker, the DVD database writing option is impossible to activate

so I would like to know which software do you use ti burn dvd? and which version?

(excuse me for my english but I am a french student)

The burning software is Nero, the versions used on the QSI started with 6.3.something and then updated several times (latest used was

Never tried burning movies, only data DVDs.

I have had lots of problems when I wanted to burn a dvd-rw. Once in a while everything worked fine, but most of the times when I tried to burn a dvd-rw my Laptop jammed (is this the right word in English?) and my dvd-drive (QSI DVDRW SDW-042) seemed not being able to stop working and I could not eject the dvd anymore. I had to restart my laptop to get everything working again. Updates did not solve the problem and I could not find any firmware. In the mean time I downloaded the free burning program DeepBurner (www.deepburner.com). With this program I seldom have these problems. Sometimes burning dvd-rw’s still goes wrong, so maybe this is not a real solution, but most times, say 9 out of ten times, I don’t have any problems burning dvd-rw’s. Adding sessions is not a problem either. Only adding sessions to a dvd on which are sessions burned with another burning program won’t work well, as you often cannot see the sessions anymore after burning with DeepBurner. The free version of DeepBurner cannot burn normal audio-cd’s. Therefore I downloaded Cd Burner XP Pro (www.cdburnerxp.se). I haven’t tested this program very long, but until now I did not have any problems with it, accept for adding sessions. Together these two programs are a sufficient solution to me, although I am still thinking about using the download from lovemydsm. I hope they also are for other people with these burning problems. Greetings, Angela

i habe this drive too in my laptop(acer TM 4500). my firmware is dx70. but i cant find a updated firmware. are there any hope acer will release a firmware?

have omebody flashed from dx70 to d363? is this possible? and what will be canged?

i have flashed from dx70 to d363 and all i can say about it is dont do it!! the drive is now worse than what it was before…Most of the time it wont even read -r dvd let alone write them. Im yet to try any +rdvd, but im going to try the ones mentioned in the posts above and see what results i get…and if that dont work it will be going in the dustbin…hope u have better luck than i do. Keep me posted of any updates concerning this drive please.