Qsi Dvd+-rw Sdw-082s



hi, this is the first time i’ve posted here.

i’ve just bought a latop with the dvd drive that i’ve specified in the title. it can read things (dvds and cds) fine, but when i try burning dvds it will complete the burn successfully but then when i goto run the contents…theres nothing there! no matter what computer i try and view the contents on - there’s nothing there!

can anyone help?




Please tell us what media you use (this drive is picky on media so stick to verbatim, Taiyo Yuden etc), what program and what you are trying to burn.


unfortunately i’m using some unbranded cheapy DVDs i got from Novatech - i have tried using some other different unbranded DVDs, but i still get the same result. i’m using nero 6 with all the updates etc… i’m using a Maxfire laptop - the specs can be found at www.novatech.co.uk if that helps.


Use the verify (after burn) options to be sure the content has been burned onto the media!


i tried that - but half the time it says its fine (lies!!!) then the other half it errors, and doesnt complete it! my friend has exactly the same laptop as me - and he hasnt had any problems with it!


That doesn’t necessarily mean that the burners are the same…
He could have a completely different beast!