Qsi cdrw/dvd sbw-241 help, Please

I use that drive to burn images, but during the burning I DiscJuggler gives me an error, buffer under run and Illegal field in parameter list. Does anyone know what it is and how to fix it.

Much thanks

You should try with other discs (better media) then.

[QUOTE=daEngineer in a different topic]To anyone with qsi sbw-241 problems

My name is Andrew Jayola, I’m an engineer at LG Electronics and was the one who posted previous threads at various sites under the name daEngineer.

This drive has caused people some considerable headaches due to its lack of out-of-the-box compatibility, but whether your using a sony, hp, or any other drive for that matter, updating the firmware to VH07 is the solution. This firmware update can be found at www.hp.com under support and drivers. Search VH07 or qsi sbw-241 from HP and download and install the firmware, it is guaranteed to work.

This can be done without a floppy drive. Your notebook company (sony, hp) are responsible for supplying you with the correct firmware as it is modified for your specific computer but in this case only HP’s firmware works and should be used for any computer you may have.
I used your advice. It worked for a while and then it started to give me the errors in my first post. Now the DVD/CD-rw drive is not working at all. Does anyone know how to return the version to VS04?