QSI CDRW Driver? SBW242U



Searched all over the place and can’t find this driver, help?


You mean firmware? Drivers are included in Windows.


Drivers, there is a yellow exclamation mark on the QSI driver in the Device Manager, I found the driver at dell but it does not recognize the drive and the problem in the first place is that the system does not recognize the drive anymore, since the drivers does not work, does this mean the drive is shot?


OK, that’s better :slight_smile: - when you click the Properties of the drive in Device Manager, what is the error code number?


Code 39


Go here and follow the instructions to delete your upper and lower filters.

If you’re unsure about manually editing the registry, there’s a Guided Help which can be downloaded from the same page, to help you through the process.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


worked like a charm, thank you very much!!


You’re welcome :smiley: