QSI 241 problems



hi there,
i have a combo drive QSI 241 in my compaq Presario 2156EA notebook.
with this drive i have the following problems:

  • the drive could nominally write at 24x speed, but really it writes at 8x speed; i’ve searched on Compaq forum and another user that had the same problem had solved it with a firmware upgrade.
    the only firmware that i found is on the Etna home page; no official QSI firmware found on manufacturer site.could i install this without any problem?
  • when the drive writes in TAO mode gets an error on writing Lead-in and Lead-out; in DAO mode Nero says that it’s writing the Lead-in, but after burning the cd is not written on the inner side (on the Lead-in area).
    is the drive damaged?can i solve the problem with the firmware upgrade?
    my O.S. is Win XP Home, and i have tried to burn both with EASY CD CREATOR AND NERO
    Thank you in advance for your answers


How can you tell, by looking, that the lead-in wasn’t written? It has to have been written for the disc to work.

I don’t know if any other firmwares will work on your drive, I wouldn’t try. When you say that the drive only burns at 8X, is that the average speed or the maximum speed that it reaches. Remember that 24X is the maximum speed that will only be reached at the end of the disc.