How should I interpret this scan of TY T02? QScan said I could burn this disc in 8x speed.



You should be able to get beautiful burns at 8X speed with this media. And quite possibly, even at 12X.


Ok. But what about the TE curve going up at the end, and nearly hitting the marker?



If your ty t02 was a fujifilm, be advised there are numerous batches of MIJ fujifilm of very questionable quality. Their stuff has been on a major quality decline for many months now.

There is TY, and then there are TY near-rejects packaged under fujifilm label.


Here is the result of this disc, burned at 8x with Nero. Pretty good I guess.

(My TY T02 is unbranded Taiyo Yuden, with serial TG001159 near the dye.)


Dont pay too much attention to Qscan, its not the most reliable thing ever.

Most of the time it tells me i shouldnt burn at the speed i scanned in Qscan with, but when i successfully burn the disc quality the scans come out really good.

Excellent burn by the way, obviously some great TY media you have there!