QScan v1.0

How much faith do you put in the “smart scan” speed results from QScan v1.0? Out of 10 discs only 2 are given the “OK” for 8X speeds, MID is TO2. I have one disc that is given the “OK” for 12X but not for 8X or 4X. :confused:

Not too much. In my opinion QScan is far too conservative in its recommendations. So I say just ignore it - but I think you should always try to verify your disc after you’ve burned it. Nero has a verify after write option that works well.

Try to use normal scan instead of smart scan. Smart scan is normally too conservative and you can try a normal scan with the speed just above the speed that smart scan report OK. eg if smart scan report 4x is ok, you can try a normal scan with 8x.

Forget the QScan, QSuite 1.0 is out.
Download and rename extension .zip to .exe. Install. Many thanks to MacClipper. :bow:

Heh… and what’s the difference between QScan 1.0 and QScan 1.1 ? =))

j/k Bolded and blue color, heh. End j/k :bigsmile:

Have you noticed the FE/TE scale is different between the two versions?
Compare with Pinto’s post above.

No seriously… Is there a difference in graph ?

Differences? Hmm, many I think. :cool:

Disc size is now reported correctly,
and that not so smart “Smart Scan” is gone… :smiley:

pchilson: IIRC the scale is different in QScan if you use different discs.

Quikee > Congrats on the Title. Sorry just noticed it :slight_smile:

rolling56: Thnx. =) It’s understandable that you didn’t noticed it… I only have the title for month and a half. =)

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I have not noticed that. But then I don’t use that much “crap” media… :wink:

In my picture above I used YUDEN000-T02.

Attachment here is on CMC MAG AE1… :Z

The scale I’m talking about is up the left side.
Qscan 1.0 goes from 0 to 600.
Qscan 1.1 goes from 0 to 40.

here they are side by side scan of the same disk.

Doesn’t QSuite only work with B7U9?

Some people are using it with other f/w. The patch is supposed to be released soon i hear.

ha that is good news, so then I can use it with B7T9 RPC-1 firmware which I will speedpatch first :smiley:

I am using it now with b7t9