Based on threads like this (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=123560), others, and my own experience I am starting to think that Qscan is a bunch of bunk. I know that I have personally had very good scans of media at 12x which Qsan only recommends at 4x. I think benq needs to go back to the drawing board on this software. About the only use I can find for this program is identifing the truly superior inividual piece of media. I guess I could test all my discs and isolate the truly great ones from the others…Hey now that I think about it, that sounds like fun. :bigsmile:

What say you?


I have the IO magic 1620

Where can I get Qscan to experiment with? Looked on BenQ’s website and found nothing.




I have trouble with Fuji 8x DVD-Rs and Benq Q Scan. They are TYG02 code and Benq Q Scan says they are not recommended for anything but 4x burning when I use the smart scan. When I do the normal scan though it shows it can burn them at every speed up to 12x and usually 16x too.


I have some DVD+R Taiyo Yuden T01 which don’t even pass a normal scan at 4x because of Focus Errors, although they burn great at 8x (QS > 97) and even at 12x.

The Tracking Errors are fine, maybe they are the only ones which matter.


My big thing is that I just want the friggin thing to be acurate. I hate tools where their is no way to establish a base line. Qscan just seems to add more confusion to the concept of, “is this a good disk for this speed”. Quite frankly I don’t think that we need any more of that. We were doing just fine confusing the heck out of ourselves before Qscan came along…

I think Qscan is :Z


Hopefully the new firmware will correct some of the issues with Qscan’s unreliability. I personally don’t use it - it’s a bit of waste of time as long as it takes if you don’t use the smart scan. Now if they’d fix smart scan to be more accurate I’d certainly be using it a whole lot more. I don’t have time to sit there and Normal Scan every single disc unless I’m in the weekend doing it. During my work week (4 10 hour days) time is very limited with a 35-40 minute drive to work and back home including in that. :wink: (I’m past my bed time as it is now… snore).