QScan DW-1655

Just got my dv-1655 today. one coaster already writing at 16x (HP media) dvd-r.
I just wanted to know if there is any media that doesn’t fail at 16x with this drive. or atleast that which qscan permits to write at 16x.

I get very good results with HP 16x DVD-R (CMCMAG. AM3) media at 16x in my BenQ DW1655. I also get good, very good, or excellent results with some other media at 16x.

Here’s a scan of a HP 16x DVD-R (CMCMAG. AM3) burned at 16x in my BenQ DW1655, and three QScans of other media that passed TE/FE tests at 16x.

[li]Disc Quality scan HP 16x DVD-R (CMCMAG. AM3) burned at 16x[/li][li]QScan FE/TE at 16x of Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India[/li][li]QScan FE/TE at 16x of Plextor 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) TH000021[/li][li]QScan FE/TE at 16x of Plextor 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) TH001330[/li][/ol]Some other 16x rated media did not pass the QScan FE/TE test at 16x, including another batch of Verbatim MCC 004 Made in India, but many of them burn fine at 16x anyway.

Look at this, this is hp media made in taiwan.

and also it doesn’t read one particular disc that is being normally read by my crossflashed sony ddu1615. it was written by a matshita uj-845.

also does any one know how to get solidburn info in nero? I saw it in some of the reviews?

Try flashing your BenQ with BC[B]G[/B] B

BCHB is known for having a lot of issues.

yeah did that. the graph looks exactly the same.

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If you mean like in in attached. ala42’s EnableSolidBurnReg will do this. (See link in my sig).
Just d/l unzip & copy into Nero Tools folder. Double click to enter into registry.