Qs about I/O Magic DVD RW

Hello gang,

My first post… please be gentle…:flower:

A while ago I bought the I/O Magic 18X Internal IDE LightScribe burner…

I am ready now to shove it into a new rigg…

Have the following Qs:

  1. I tried to get my hands on a user manual & possibly other docs on I/Os web site… to no avail… who makes this drive? (With the hope of finding above docs on the OEM’s site…)
  2. Couldn’t find a jumper diagram on the drive… are the various settings the same on all IDE drives?
  3. Looking at the unit from the rear, I see 2 connectors on the left hand side marked “Digital”… What are these for? If needed, which cables are required for these and where do I find’em? In case the other side of the cables go to da’ MB, where to?
  4. Where do I look for possible firmware updates?

TIA for any helpful reply/ies…


OK, I managed to find all the answers… G. bless google… :bow:

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