QPxTool - now for PX-755 too



new version released:

now support for px755, but you need special fw:

anyone tried this tool and this hacked fw?


Yes,me. It’s working flawlessly.


Great news! :flower:


Now look at this! Rather exactly what i thought would happen (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1220544&postcount=6) :iagree:

Windows users might want to flash this firmware to make other software than Plextools work with their drives. What i’d like to know: If they flash this, will it break the regular working of PlexTools Pro (XL)? In other words: Does Plextools insist on the use of authorized commands with certain drives (and therefore not work if the drive doesn’t react as expected) or is the patch done in a way that it will just aknowledge any request in a positive way?


No. :disagree: :smiley:


hmm, i don’t understand how to start this program…
could anyone tell me??? :bow:

with this hacked fw - does 755 work with pxscan?

by the way i think plextor is very angry about this… :bigsmile:



with this hacked fw - does 755 work with pxscan?

Yes. :iagree: :smiley:


Will they also make a patched v1.03 firmware for the 755A, when it comes out?

If so, I about to update :slight_smile:



with PXScan 1.7.9 the TA-Test isn´t working at me. With PXScan 1.7.5 everything is working, but the TA-Grafixx is displaying wrong in PXView.


Someone says that the modified 755 firmware 1.02 works fine with PxScan and QPxTool, but modified 760-1.01 will not work. Is this only a rumor?