QPxTool-0.7pre1 for linux, MacOS and windows

q-check Software with many hardwarespecific features

download QPxTool-0.7pre1:

QPxTool can be compiled with or without gui

supported OS and installation instructions:
linux: http://qpxtool.siteboard.org/f33t116-qpxtool-0-7pre1-linux-installation-instructions.html
windows: http://qpxtool.siteboard.org/f33t117-qpxtool-0-7pre1-windows-installation-instructions.html
MacOS: http://qpxtool.siteboard.org/f33t118-qpxtool-0-7pre1-macos-installation-instructions.html

QPxTool offers:
qscan / qscand

Are there any precompiled binaries available for download or is compiling the source yourself the only way to get QPxTool up and running?

For now there is no precompiled version available. Perhaps sombody who successfully built the package can make it available to other Mac-Users.

I like the “compare with the standard of the official DVD specifications” feature.
The lack of a precompiled binary for Windows is a problem for me and I guess other people too.

I first have to check the license situation with apple (qt4) and microsoft, because a precompiled version would have to be delivered with those dll files.

You don’t have to precompile it for OS X, but you could make the source available via the MacPorts or Fink repositories, which make compilation much easier. Fink mimics Debian Linux, while MacPorts uses a BSD Unix style.