QpxTool 0.7.2 BDXL LG BH16NS55

If someone want to test, there’s a link to modified qpxtool for win and linux: https://github.com/artkar0/qpxtool
In the built dir You can find binaries for win x64 and linux debian stretch.
This is modded version with added support for BDXL and changed a bit graph style.
It also supports LG BH16NS55 with loaded firmware dedicated to WH16NS58 (V5) but I only tested blu ray disc quality scan.

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I get a virus warning about W32/Exploit.gen if I try to run qpxtool.exe. But nothing is found by scanning “QPxTool_0.7.2_byArtKar_windows.zip” for viruses.

I don’t have any antivirus installed but I scanned this file using https://www.virustotal.com


Everything looks fine and I think it is just false positive.

I’m suprised that no one ever tried this or bothered to reply and post some proof, so I thought this might not even be a thing :yum:

However, yesterday I had tried to crossflash my BH16NS55 to WH16NS58 with the Asus Flasher and it worked :grinning:

Doesn’t seem like a partucularly good result, dunno, it’s my first for this kind of media.
Also I don’t really like this graph or maybe I just used to the Discspeed/ODC type of graph. Although I still think it has some display problems on the logarithmic scale because as you can see, it looks like some higher values are offscreen and it is not possible to zoom out. Oh also saving the results (in .qpx format) doesn’t work with this media, but that’s okay, you can always take screenshots. Maybe I will delve into this and try to fix these issues if I can, but it was really a long time I touched any C++ code, .NET/C# is rather my cup of tea nowadays.

Nevertheless, thank you artkar for this mod, I really appreciate it!

Same here, just discovered the tool!
My scan

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Logarithmic scale is hardcoded so zoom doesn’t work. I prefer to use the other one scale.
Your result looks a bit strange. Check my results using qpxtool with linux on: https://www.intercore.com.pl/cdtests/

This soft is mainly written for linux and I tested it just on Windows 7 and it was fine.

Best Regards :slight_smile:

That’s alright, I prefer the scale like in DiscSpeed or OptiDriveControl and do not like/use Linux so… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: But it was great to test the new firmware with this modified version of yours! In the meantime I got my hands on the new VPTools which has the regular scale so I’m sticking with that.