QPxTool 0.7.0 - linux, Windows, BSD und Mac OS X



QPxTool 0.7.0 is available now from http://qpxtool.sourceforge.net
There is also a win32-Package to prevent you from compiling some sourcecode, but I can’t test it by myself.

Vendor-Plugin selection (BenQ, NEC, Toshiba, Asus, LiteOn, Pioneer, Plextor)
QT4 support
64-Bit support
QPxTool gui is now just a Frontend für qscan
qscan is the q-check console tool
qscand a network wrapper für q-checks
deadreader named to readdvd
f1tatto for DiscT@2 (Yamaha) CRW-F1
parallized q-checks on multiple drives
readdvd with support for CSS-protected media
cdvdcontrol with DVD+R(W) Writing Simulation
pxfw with Premium 2-support


For Windows User:
There are three additional qt4-dll files available. Copy these files into the QPxTool directory and start QPxTool.


I did a scan of the same disc with QPxTools and with CD-Speed, and it seems that results are comparable except for the PIE graphic.

However, I’ll play a little more with this software :bigsmile:


Kinda looks like a update to CD speed made by somebody else but yes looks like it pretty much works according to your tests.


I’m trying it out right now too, it definitely needs the extra files to run in windows and seem to work fine in win7 32 bit so far from a quick run I’m doing right now.
The test run box is kinda weird to me but I finally got it to run the basic PIE/PIF test function and will play with it some more and see how it goes.
It is working fine with my old BenQ 1655 which shouldn’t suprise anybody but just in case the tests work with it.
OK seems to have some issues, it will suddenly just stop reading in the error tests I ran, tried some extra speeds and the 2 BenQ test modes and all have issues for now. Will try diferent things and revisist this to see if anything gets ironed out.


new link for dll:


[QUOTE=piewie;2479880]new link for dll:

Are these the same files or updated ones? :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=piewie;2479880]new link for dll:

Download not available?



dl is still available.
Enter the captcha on the top of the right side.
Countdown of 40 sec starts
press Standard Download button


Are these the same files or updated ones?

They are the same ones.


[QUOTE=piewie;2480202]dl is still available.
Enter the captcha on the top of the right side.
Countdown of 40 sec starts
press Standard Download button[/QUOTE]

I have downloaded from Megaupload before. There was a popup that came up
that said the file was not available for download. I tried today and it worked
Thanks, budzos


The Megaupload like worked fine for me 2 minutes ago. (Thanks Piewie)