Yesterday (or well, yesteryesterday now actually) was the first time I found out about this IM-client while checking out Wikipedias Comparision of instant messaging clients, I downloaded a few but this one was the most interesting.

Qnext of course have a webpage with a blog and also of course a download section but it’s down atm because they are releasing version 3.0 real soon now.
Anyway if you want to get it now you can do that from here:

So what is it and why should you get it?

Well to begin with it’s an IM client of it’s own, which supports encryption and so on. Do we need another IM client and system? I guess not.

Secondly it also supports Messenger, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo, and starting with 3.0 also Jabber, so far nothing new.

Third it’s free (as in beer) and runs on Windows, OS X and Linux.

The more interesting functionality is this:

Qnext let you start a voip or video conference with your friends.

Qnext makes it very easy to share your photos (from say your digital camera) with your friends with no resizing, uploading or anything of that kind required.

Qnext let you share your entire music collection so others can connect to it and enjoy your music.

Qnext also does filesharing.

For each share you can specify access by either users, friends or everyone.

It also have an IRC plugin, and it seems like they are working on e-mail support (I haven’t noticed anything about e-mails atm.)

Of course it also have some issues, such as IRC client only supports one server at the time and no SSL, filesharing with other protocols isn’t implemented yet (will be in 3.0) and neither is webcam or voip support.

But IMHO the benefits outweight the bad things a lot. Also I like that the product manager looks young (see blog) and that the webpage got a rather geeky feeling over it.

You can find a manual here which among other things cover how to setup your router/firewall.

There is also a forum available.

I’ve put up some screenshots for you to look at if interested.

If someone wanna help me deciding which burner to use feel free to add me at UID: 225920.