Q6600 199.99 (G0/SLACR stepping) at Micro Center

I went to MicroCenter to price components today for a new system and ended up buying most of what I need there.

The best item of note was the Q6600 for 199.99. Their site lists it as 275.99 but in store they said they had dropped the price on it yesterday. I don’t know if it was a local thing or not (Store in Overland Park, KS) or chain-wide.

In any case, fantastic deal. The price on the box says 339.99 but the receipt says 199.99

OMG :eek:

I want an upgrade badly and had an eye on Q6600 , it is sold here in Egypt for 250$ and it is a very good price considering its prices in USA .

I’ve decided to wait though for Q9450 :wink:

Indeed you got yourself a bargain :clap:

Indeed you got yourself a bargain

I certainly think so…

btw, found a link for the price…even though the site says 275.99, a guy on 2cpu.com posted a link to an ad that shows the 199.99 price.


For several months or longer, micro center has had a policy with processors where they shop the online stores and match their prices to theirs, so prices change all the time. Sometimes you need a coupon code for online purchase, but you can always find the coupon code online (usually on the front page of their site or in their ad which is viewable on their site now). Prices can be very good for local if there is a micro center near you.

Micro Center in Dallas has the Q6600 for 199.99. I bought one a couple of days ago. I built a new system with ASUS P5K-E, Q6600, Seagate 1TB Sata HD and Vista Ultimate

Newegg has been dropping the price on this one about $5 every few days and I’d expect them to reach the $200 or less point before too long. Hopefully their OEM version will drop to near $175. :iagree:

I’ve got a Microcenter about 30 miles from me, but gas and sales tax will add about $20 to that current $200 price; once NE drops to $220 I’ll have no reason to get the MC deal…

I got another email from Micro Center for the Q6600 @ 199.99. What a great price for a Quad. Now I just need to get a good heat Sink so I can overclock it.

I picked up one today on the way home from work. Thankfully I have a Microcenter near me. It was $199 plus tax. SLACR prod code with a 01/10/08 pack date. They had about 100 left.

[QUOTE=LivingDay;2010273]I picked up one today on the way home from work. Thankfully I have a Microcenter near me. It was $199 plus tax. SLACR prod code with a 01/10/08 pack date. They had about 100 left.[/QUOTE]

The Microcenter near me (in Santa Clara / Silicon valley) has been out of stock . I have been calling every day the last 4 days. And they won’t take deposits on it at this price. Sigh.

The $199 price is available online now: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0257938

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2027823]The $199 price is available online now: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0257938[/QUOTE]

:disagree:That sold out online within a few hours the other day.

Today, the newspaper ad for Fry’s is showing the Q6600 for $189.99. Not online, in store only (to the best of my knowledge). Unclear whether OEM or Retail.

It appears indeed to be for the retail CPU: http://shop3.outpost.com/{BSrjPgZHv947oCArEUo6mw**.node3}/product/5101696

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2028548]It appears indeed to be for the retail CPU: http://shop3.outpost.com/{BSrjPgZHv947oCArEUo6mw**.node3}/product/5101696[/QUOTE]

The link you posted is for online sales only. Here’s the newspaper ad for today which shows it at $199.99 but it doesn’t indicate if it’s retail or oem.:wink:


It’s the same part number.

I am tempted to buy one, but I want to wait for the new 45nm chips, I want to get at least 18 months out of a build before it goes obsolete. :bigsmile: