Q on plextools

when chaning options, does it makes those changes to the internal memory of the drive?
so if i enable bitsetting, and then uninstall plextools, it will be on?
also, i can’t change the speedread up from 40x to 48. when i change it, and click off, it just changes back
any ideas?

Basically yes. However not all settings can be saved in the drive. Some only remain a long a Plextools is running. This is a safety issue.

Is Silent Mode enabled?

nope silent mode isn’t selected.
what could be wrong?
also, assuming i “could” enable it, would that be saved to the drive?
how about the bitsetting. is that permanent if i uninstall plextools?
where can i find out what options need plextools loaded up?
btw it’s a 716SA and dvd region is not set, (anydvd :bigsmile:)

You don’t need PlexTools to change bitsetting on Plextor drives (wether they are BenQ or not). bitsetting on various drives. Nero CD DVD Speed can also do that

Yes it’s permanent. Once you enable it via PlexTools it will be stored in the drive and remain enabled. Of course, you can also disable it again via PlexTools if you want to.

Last time I tried the bitsetting state even survived a firmware update, but i guess the flasher just saved the setting and restored it afterwards