Q: My Lite-On LVW-500X DVD recorder once could record on DVD-RW's



I have a Lite-On LVW-500X DVD recorder that used to be able to record on DVD-RW’s, and now it can only record on DVD+RW’s. I called up tech support twice and they didn’t know what kind of DVD’s it’s supposed to be able to record on, so I was hoping someone in here can tell me whether I can easily fix it so I can record on the -RW’s like I used to, or do I need to bring it into a repair shop?

Or is it a fluke that I was once able to record on DVD-RW’s (I did with two or three different brands)?


which brands and for what speeds are they rated?


The brands are Sony DVD-RW 120 min 1x-2x speed and Memorex DVD-RW 120 min 1X-2X speed.

I read in some message board that some other guy had the same problem with his 500X, but only with a different type of DVD.


Liteon standalone DVD recorders to not handle DVD-RW media very well. Most users just switch to DVD+RWs. However you still have a type of media that is not working right now. Try a lens cleaning disc or open the drive and clean the lens, try another brand of DVD-RW (like Verbatim) I had lots of Problems the Memorex media, Liteon support once told me they can screw up the drive. I was never able to use Memorex DVD+RWs or -RWs after I ereased them, Memorex did replace the whole stack of 25 +RWs for no cost but I hardly trust them any more.


Here are some info:


Thanx everyone. I guess, even though if I have it fixed, it prolly would erelong stop recognizing -RW’s again, I should have it fixed; since it’s under warranty. I can use it as a player or give it to a relative.

Now that I think about it, I’ll bet a Memorex DVD(s) is what broke my Panasonic. I think that I have five opened Memorex DVDs and one of them is broken. Maybe more than one. They should be used to record something permanent even though they’re rewritables (supposedly) and only recorded from Machines that are still under warranty! Like this future external DVD burner that I plan to get. Have a nice day.


Since I started this thread a few days ago, I got another Lite-On (5007) [to circumvent macrovision]. The person who sold it to me stated in his ad that it’s new, but I think it’s used (the instruction manual looks like it’s been read umpteen times) and no DVDs with the minus sign work in it.

Now that I think about it, regarding the other guy’s post I was referring to a few days ago where he wrote that his Lite-On stopped being able to read a certain type of DVDs, they were -R’s.

I found another broken Memorex DVD yesterday. That makes at least two out of a package of ten that broke not too long after I bought them.