Q: macrovision and the lite-on 5026

Dear all,

I am wondering about the ‘macrovision removal’ in the modded 5026 firmware.

I speak as a prospective owner of a 5026.


does the macrovision disabling

a) remove macrovision on signals coming in - i.e. could I record from a macrovision protected VHS tape, using a signal coming in from my VHS player containing macrovision?

b) only remove macrovision going out - i.e. if I play a protected dvd on the 5026, it won’t add macrovision?

Thanks for your help!

A & B, of course. It’s “full” macrovision removal !

Dear All
I just purchased Lite-On LVW 5005 in Australia.
I heard it can be up graded by Firm Ware to have 3 hour recording and removes Macrovision.
My S/N is 0102-3640-0098-b208(405-010d).
Can anyone help me to up date the firm ware so I can enjoy 3 hour recording and remove macrovision?

thanks for the reply, narusegawa.

Unfortunately, still not keen on buying, since I am finding more and more complaints about the lipsync problem on the liteon machines.

Is this COMPLETELY solved by firmware, does anyone know?