Q: I bought DVD+R made in

I got 25 pack of DVD+R verbatim made in india… (india?!?)

The sell’s man told me that is very quality even if it made in india, its better than china but less than japan.

Is he right?

Simple answer no. Complicated answer is it depends on the quality control of the people who make it, the disc themselves and your burner. MIB a Indian manufacturer has gotten a bad name for themselves and unfortunately this means that most may now avaid the discs marked “Made in India” just incase.

I have never seen MIC or MII Verbs, Tiwan ones are the only Verbs have seen. Do Verb actually outsource to India? What is the speed rating of the disc? If 8x then you may have a duff set as Verb no longer make their own 8x discs and outsource them to Ritek, and Riteks 8x discs have been crap for quite a while now.

I have a 25-pack of 16x Verbatim MCC004 Made in India, and another 25-pack of 16x Verbatim MCC004 Made In Taiwan.

Taiwan box has higher “top lip”, Advanced Azo+ DataLifePlus on cover.

India box has Advanced Azo+ but no writing of DataLifePlus. Label side isn’t as smooth as the taiwan one (this doesn’t matter to me though).

Bought them at the same time, have burned them at speeds 4, 6 and 8x. (My computer is too slow for 12x unfortunately)

Have made a few scans (can’t post them now though), quality seems about the same.

Can’t vouch for how long they’ll last though, perhaps we’ll see differences in a few years time after storage.

theoretically since they’re the same media code, same manufacturer, they should have the same quality standards, but in practice that isn’t always true. For Verbs, most people trust Taiwan (this is the only case when you’ll hear Taiwan as a RECOMMENDED manufacturing location)

You’ll probably be fine, but now you know for the future.

Tnx guys for answering me,

But i’m planning to re-burn all my DVD media in like 5 years… i guess it will last 5 years, cause i’m storing the CD’s the most recommended and ideal conditions. (Cool air, pitch-dark, dry wood closet, in an spindle pack… away from toxic oxygen)

But the only thing i’m worried about now is the burner’s life… cause i burn Avi. file’s and i’m watching the Avi. very often… will the burner will be consumed faster because of it ?

And beside, the CD is self (the DVD CD) will not be consumed and become worn out because all of this use and the spining inside the 48x burner ?

Ho yeah, BTW… if my burner allow me to burn with 16x, but i’m burning in 2x or 4x (For higher quality and better data transfer) will the data will be in higher quality and/or will be last for a longer time period?

(You know, if you burn a CD-R in 4x, the CD will be unreadable, don’t know why but i tried it… will the problem will be appear in DVD media?)