Q for Liggy or Dee: 2510A, 205d, ImgBurn, and +R DL booktype

Nice burn indeed, but CD-Speed should also allow changing the booktype for DVD+R-DL :confused:
Looks like the Ricoh command set might be working on this firmware. I didn’t have a look at that.

Im going to check that, if my CD-DVD Speed can change the DVD+R DL booktype. But i remember to check that on Binflash, DVD+R DL was set to DVD-ROM.

And please check if it can be changed there.

Ok, im at work now, when i get home i will check it.

Liggy…yes, it can be changed in both Binflash and CD-DVD Speed.

upss… i never got this “spikes” with previous firmwares :confused:

I’m sure they’ll disappear (or appear at a different location) if you scan this disc again

I did a scan with Kprobe and i got the same sipkes. Tomorrow im going to try it on a Nec 3551 at my work.

hmm this must be a problem with my Liteon (i know DVD-ROM drives are not good scanners), i got the same spikes with the same MCC 003 media burned on 2004.

Liggy, same media on my 26 post, but now a scan with a Nec 3551. As you see there’s no spikes, the problem must be on my Liteon.

Liggy, you are great. Support for such an old drive! Thank you very, very much! Good work.