Q for Liggy or Dee: 2510A, 205d, ImgBurn, and +R DL booktype

Probably a dumb question, since it’s my first…

I’m getting into DL burning for the first time. I’ve been using Ritek G04 or 5 (whichever one is 8X -R) along with Herries 2.16 RPC1 riplock fw. When those ran out I bought some fujifilm 16X -Rs and +R DL.

The fujifilm DL discs are Ritek D01s, which burned fine @2.4X under the Herries fw using ImgBurn. Using ImgBurn, I was also able to verify the Booktype was set to dvd-rom.

But the fujifilm 16X SL I had bought turned out to be RITEKF1, recognizable only with the 205d firmware from liggy & dee. I have those burning just fine after flashing, but now when I try to burn another D01 +R DL under the new fw, I find I can neither verify nor set the booktype for +R DL under ImgBurn, and IB says it can’t do a test DL burn w/o destroying the media.

I only have 2 DL discs at the moment, so I’m reluctant to to waste one. It’s my understanding from reading rel. notes that the 205d fw is auto-bitsetting dvd-rom booktype for +R DL discs–but I don’t understand why ImgBurn won’t verify that (it just says ‘unknown’ (Failed)’)

My question is, am I OK burning the Ritek D01 with dvd-rom booktype via this method under the 205d fw, or will i need to flash back to Herries?

With the 205D firmware setting the booktype is not possible.

The firmware automatically sets +R DL media to DVD-ROM but you can’t set +R media to DVD-ROM manually.

Go ahead you should be fine.

I use Mad Dogs 2.f9 fast. Works great for me

AUTO bitsetting means by auto - you cannot change it.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll give DL burns a shot with the 205d. I get it about the auto-bitsetting; just couldn’t understand why the firmware-enforced booktype wouldn’t be accurately reflected in ImgBurn’s NEC booktype dialogue. That “unknown (failed)” part had me convinced that something wasn’t working right, and I didn’t want to waste a $5 store-bought blank finding out (I know they’re [I]much[/I] cheaper in bulk over the net).

Oh, and Donewell (great handle for one who burns things ;-), just to clarify, does the maddog 2F.9 fw you’re using support ritekf1 -R media, or were you referring to +R DL burns w/ bitsetting?

I think the only 2500/2510 firmware to support the RitekF1 media is 205D.

Certainly looking at my 2.f9 there is no support for this media.

In order to reflect the current settings, a firmware needs to support some commands that can be used to retrieve the settings. Unfortunately these commands are missing in Dell’s firmware. They simply apply the values without giving users a chance to retrieve them.

Also, doesn’t that drive use the Ricoh bitsetting commands and not the NEC ones?

If so, try the Ricoh tab rather than the NEC one. You might not be able to change them, but you might be able to view the current setting.

I think the Ricoh commands were only used on some 2500 and the HP version of the 2510. MadDog for example used the NEC commands for their 2510 firmwares.

But I created a modified 205c firmware (205d was a change made by Dee - not an official Dell firmware) that should include full bitsetting again. Since some functions were missing in the 205c firmware, a lot more needed to be changed this time. But if anyone here is brave enough to test this code, just let me know and I’ll tell you how to get this firmware.

Liggy, I’ll be your beta tester for this firmware. PM me where to get it. I’ll report back the result. Thanx :clap:

Liggy, you mean you changed 205c firmware to support bitsetting on DVD+R too? if so, im interested in testing your firmware.

I can confirm that the flash went OK for me and the bitsetting appears to be working from a bitsetting software perspective. However, I have not burn any disc yet…well do that tonight.

That’s good news, i hope Liggy send it to me too.

Since it doesn’t fry drives, I made the download available to public on our NEC ND2500 and ND2510 firmwares page.

Some results would be nice of course, so Dee can use this firmware as a base to include the tweaks she added to 205d.

Thanks Liggy :bow: Just a question, the RPC1 verion is rip locked?

It’s working Liggy :smiley: Altough i can’t change bitsetting to DVD-ROM on Nero and Image Burn, as you see on this CD/DVD Speed test, it’s working. This is a TDK DVD+R 8x MBIPG101 R04 (001)

I checked again…i can change the bitsetting to dvd-rom on Image Burn, i think i need to sleep… lol. Liggy, thanks for your hard work :bow: :clap:

It shouldn’t be. I simply used TDB’s patcher this time and that one usually adds Riplock patch on RPC1 firmwares.

As promised, here is scan of a disc burned @ 6x with 2510 under firmware 205c. Once again thank you, Liggy, for this wonderful mod. :bow: :clap:

Bitsetting info.

Very nice burn indeed.