Q: DVD Medias - How can you tell which batch is which?

I was just wondering…how can u tell which batch of dvd’s is the better batch…and which one is not…or where it’s made

is there a model number you can read?

what about brands?

Hard to give a straight answer on this one as brands can be made by several different manufacturers with varrying quality standards. For Example if I say Sony DVD+R is excellent and one person grabs a spindle made in Japan (Taiyo Yuden) and another grabs a spindle made in Taiwan (made by Sony) you can have two very different results even though they are the same label, speed, ect. The easiest rule of thumb is that you are least likely to get bad media if you look for discs that are Made In Japan, as the Japanese manufacturers tend to have higher quality standards. You can usually find which country a batch of discs was made in by checking the label/box around the UPC symbol. Every brand name disc has what country it is made in listed somewhere on the packaging. That being said Taiwanese Verbatim (MCC media ID) are also great discs. There is a whole bunch of variables on other media but sticking to the above is generally the best recipe for success. The easiest way to avoid the hassle though is just to order straight from the manufacturer and pick up their own unbranded media. This is why I order Taiyo Yuden from the net. I never have to guess about who makes the disc (since Taiyo Yuden makes their own media) and I can feel reasonably sure that I will get high quality discs with each batch that I order. It all depends on your personal preference though.

I say the media is bad when you get a bad burn. :slight_smile:

always buy from companies that have a no quibble quarentee, then when you get a dodgey batch its not going to be a problem.


oh one more thing is this quality guid from this website a good guide to follow?

If that were the case then Ritek G05 or Princo would be decent media. :rolleyes: @axon, the one at digitalmediafaq is a pretty good guide to follow but it seems a bit outdated as some of those manufacturers are no longer in the business. I would say that Ritek and CMC need to be in different spots on the chart (Ritek in 4th class with most of it’s media and CMC Mag in second class with most of it’s media). Also, I wouldn’t consider Sony or TDK top notch media (barring the batches made by TY). Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemicals (MCC/MKM) are the way to go these days if you want the best quality.