Q: Burn Speed VS Data Durability



Hello, i got a noob question here. please help :bow:

Will i burn DVD @ 8X or even 12X drop the DVD data durability on the disc?

i have seen someones post results with low PI errors and PI failures at 12X or 16X. But does this mean it had the same data durability on the disc if i burn the same data on disc @ 4x with same PI errors and PI failures?

Well, i just wanna make DVD with low PI errors and PI failures and last longer time. :eek:



In general the life of the media is dependant on the dye and whether it is exposed to U/V light (sunlight can “reburn” a disk if left out there long enough), without scratches and light a burned disk can actually last a really looooong time…

hope that helps…


So the life of the media has nothing to do with burn speed?? :confused:

i always think that for my ps2 backup, i can only burn them @4x. @8x or above, ps2 cannot read them. So i think burn @4x has higher disc quality? Is that true?? :confused:



I dont think so its more to do with the fact that its quite common in PS2’s to have a very crappy laser that has trouble with reading media in general (and poor mod chip installs seem to compund the problem), I have a v9 and its accepts any media burnt at up to 16x as long as its of decent quality.