Q about NeroAPIGlue.lib




I’m using the nero SDK (NeroAPIGlue.lib).
can i install my application with out the sdk dll’s but install on the pc the free nero express edition and the application will work???

thanks zikman.


It works for me with NeroExpress. But what do you mean by “free nero express edition”?


let say i am writing an mfc SDI application which use nero sdk dll.
but if i want to run my application on some other pc without the nero sdk dll
but if i will install free nero 6 ultra edtion which i got with my dvd rw drive, and run mt application it will work??? without the nero sdk dll???


I’ve got only one dll, namely “neroAPI.dll” which is located in the <Program Files>\Ahead\Nero\ directory after installation of NeroExpress.


meening the application i developt using the NeroAPIGlue.lib will execute only if i will install NeroExpress, if not installed the application will not execute and will ask for “neroAPI.dll”. is that true???


Let me cite the complete title page of the NeroAPI documentation pdf:

The NeroAPI will only work with
a fully installed Nero version!


Is the NeroExpress is freeware? can i install it to my clients?
And where can i download load it?



AFAIK NeroExpress is not freeware.

This was why I asked you in regard to your formulation in your original post (emphasis by me)