Q about 2500 reading probs

I’ve seen a couple of posts around here that say that the NEC 2500 has problems reading discs including its own handiwork.
if I buy one I’ll have to use it also for reading, no empty IDE channels left, so I would like to know how bad is it ?

Not bad at all for me, my NEC2500A has been able to read every disc I’ve thrown in it.
I’ve tested discs burnt from 4 different DVDR drives on it and it can read them fine.
It was even able to rip a DVD that my LiteOn 411s was unable to rip.

In my case I am having lot of problems reading dvd and cd with the nec2500.

Thank god I still having my old LG dvd-rom.

Anyone knows about any firmware (I have 1.06) to fix this problem?


fw 107 for the 2500A has not yet been released by NEC.
We are all waiting for it…

any known ETA on the 1.07 ?
'cause I’m getting a DVDRW this or next week and if the 2500 is troublesome I’ll get something else.

I’ve got the NEC 2500A for three weeks now but I’ve yet to encounter my first reading problem (or any problem for that matter :bigsmile: ).

Highly recommended drive in my opinion.