Q&A about media for Wired story




I am writing a story for Wired about some of the “insider info” on CDR and DVDR media, such as the “real” manufacturers (TY, CMC, etc.) who make the discs for brand name labels. I’d like to post a few questions here to the board and would appreciate anyone sending me answers, either by PM or e-mail. It would be especially appreciated if you could supply your real name, occupation, and location for possible inclusion in the story.

– How do you separate the “good stuff” from the not-so-good? Do you go by word of mouth such as these forums, or do your own tests and measurements? What sort of tests do you do?

– What are the bad experiences you’ve had that you hope to avoid with high quality media? I.e. coasters, data loss, etc.? Have you experienced a lot of problems with a particular brand?

– What’s the best deal you’ve found by reading these forums? For example, did you score rebranded Taiyo Yuden’s with a big instant rebate, or … ?

– Have you heard of any “tricks of the trade” in ID’ing certain brands on store shelves? Such as, color of shrinkwrap or cakebox, printing on label, etc…

For the real experts out there, maybe someone can answer these questions:

– What makes one manufacturer’s media different, better, or worse than another? Dye? Coating? What are all the variables?

– What’s so great about Taiyo Yuden? I mean that very literally – TY is obviously the top preference around here, and I’d love to hear a rundown as to what qualities they possess that other brands may lack.

– Do you sense that TY media is becoming more or less rare? Is it easier to find rebranded TY now than in the past or the opposite?

Thanks so much for any replies. If you are an expert professionally involved in recordable media please contact me and maybe I can ask more in-depth questions.

Again, please PM or e-mail your answers to "aaron@bordella.com".

I hope this is a fair use of this message forum – I am actually a long time reader myself and have learned many valuable things from this community (KProbe!).




Make sure to post a link here to your article when it’s done, I’m sure we’d all be really interested to read it.